I just finished revamping a website for my friend, Lindy.  She owns and runs a small event planning company called Twist Event Designs. She and her pals/colleagues do an amazing job! If you live in GA, you should definitely check her out.  Twist Event Designs could save you a ton of money while making your event look like it cost a fortune!

Here’s the new home page:

So (obviously) I really like wordpress, so when she asked me to do a website with an integrated blog, I immediately went searching for a wordpress template that would run like a company site, but have the ease of being on the wordpress platform (plus, I’m a sucker for plug-ins…lol) That’s when I found this template by RichWP.  It’s a little pricey for a blog at $69.90, but for a company site it’s a steal!  I can’t believe how much people charge for template designs for corporate sites… usually upwards of $500!!!  But anyway, I tweaked the design a little to get it just right for her and voila! I am pretty sure I nailed this one “spot-on”!

It’s feminine with a twist of modern couture (haha, pun was not intended but definitely works…lol).  And the plug-ins I found make this site unique and super user-friendly (for her AND her clients).  After all the additions, now offers a flash photo gallery, an editable event calendar and the integrated blog she wanted.

I am so in love with this site! I almost want to tell her that she can’t go in and edit it, so that I can be in charge of it always…

Oh well… gotta let go, I guess…lol


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